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The beautiful story of a bat (Cory) and a boy (Jay). Can Jay learn to see life through Cory's perspective? Go on a journey of discovery through vibrant scenes of an ice cream parlour, zoo, train station, beach and more, whilst remembering one important theme... we don't all view life in the same way. 


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Rich WiIliams is a award-winning radio broadcaster, currently on Virgin Radio and a presenter for Leeds United TV. He is also a dad of 3. An outing with his then 4 year old son to Tropical World in Leeds proved the inspiration for Cory & Jay. "Isn't it weird that bats look at everything upside down?", his son asked. From that seed, the story of learning to see things through other's eyes, emerged.

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Anne is an award-winning illustrator based in Reading.Having worked primarily with animals, this was the perfect project for Anne, who has illustrated on books such as Red Alert; 15 Dangerous Animals Fighting To Survive, which was inspired and endorsed by the 'Red List' database maintained by International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), supported by Sir David Attenborough!

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